Annuity issues to consider

Issues to consider

There are many issues to consider when purchasing an annuity and several alternatives to annuity purchase which should be considered carefully. This section seeks to explain more about these issues and the alternatives.

Attitude to risk

Deciding on which annuity option to choose, or whether an alternative way of drawing income from a pension is appropriate depends on a number of factors, but particularly attitude to investment risk.

Advantages and disadvantages to Annuity purchase

Purchasing an annuity is a decision which cannot be reversed or amended following the purchase. It is important to be aware of both the upsides and downsides of annuity purchase.

Timing your Annuity purchase

Many wonder whether it is prudent to defer buying an annuity in the hope that annuity rates will increase. This section shows you the cost of delaying an annuity purchase.

Income drawdown

Income Drawdown is an alternative to purchasing an annuity and there are many issues to consider. This section seeks to clarify the options available and the nature of the product.

Phased retirement

Phased Retirement is another method of generating a retirement income from a pension which contains aspects of both Income Drawdown and annuities. This section explains more about the product and its features.